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Total Package is proud to congratulate one of our very own trainers- Stephanie Smith.  Stephanie WON the half iron man recently and we could not be happier for her!

What makes this victory even more exciting is that Stephanie had IT band issues 2 weeks before the race and was wondering if she would even finish the race. She had 2 sessions with Andre and ran pain free after the first session and remarkably had no issues during the race itself.  In typical Stephanie style, as she will never brag about her own accomplishments, after the race Stephanie went on to give the praise for her accomplishment to Andre' and the recovery soft tissue work he did for her at Total Package. 

But we all the true recipe for success: a great athlete + a great trainer = victory.  Congrats Stephanie and keep up the good work.

Call us at Total Package and ask about how Recovery Cafe' can help you out as well.

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